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At The Wearparts Depot you get high quality gear at the best prices, guaranteed. Our products will last the distance whatever the application.

Our stock comes and goes quickly so if you see something at a price you like, buy it now for later! You can request to be notified when a product is back in stock. 

We're proud to offer New Zealand customers the first place to buy their GET online. Buying online brings you a number of key benefits. You'll appreciate knowing up front what a product will cost you. And our Price Beat policy means it is also the best price.

Wear parts are a critical component of quarry, mining and construction operations. Cost savings made with these consumables translate directly to your bottom line. The Wearparts Depot is uniquely capable of delivering big savings due to the low overheads of our online business model. Another key aspect of our offering is New Zealand-wide free shipping. 

We thought hard about the importance of this. We really want customers to have to jump through as few hoops as possible when ordering from us. Something that annoys us when buying online is the unknown cost of shipping. You wind up going though the motions of registering for an account and filling checkout forms just find out the shipping costs.

At The Wearparts Depot the price on the tin is the cost to get it to your door. Simple as that. And you don’t have to register for an account either. We are proud of this and we think you will really appreciate it. 

If you want to get the lowdown on any upcoming specials and site-wide discount codes you can subscribe to our newsletter at checkout or check out our Facebook page.

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